Research Program at IU Anesthesia

Our faculty members participate in multidisciplinary research with emphasis in neuroscience and pain.  Research in the Department is conducted in facilities located on the campus of the Indiana University School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals. Faculty and the research they conduct are recognized both nationally and internationally. This research is funded by the National Institutes of Health, Indiana State Department of Health, non-profit organizations,foundations, and industry.

There are numerous areas of research which are being developed.  A newly created Research Fellowship offers trainees the opportunity to participate in innovative research, with the goal of developing academic anesthesiologists. Research training will provide mentorship in several areas critical to the fellow's career development:

  • Formulation of testable scientific hypotheses and execution of approaches to test these hypotheses.
  • Critical evaluation of experimental results.
  • Presentation of results at scientific meetings.
  • Critical evaluation of the medical and scientific research literature.
  • Writing and publishing of manuscripts of scientific findings in high quality peer-reviewed journals.
  • Formulation and writing of grant proposals for competitive review.

Clinical fellows in Pain Medicine and Pediatric Anesthesia participate in clinical research with the goal of presenting abstracts, posters and publication in various scholarly and peer reviewed opportunities. 



The research mission of the Department of Anesthesia of Indiana University School of Medicine is to advance medical science and improve clinical care by conducting state-of-the art pre-clinical, clinical, and translational research.



The Department of Anesthesia will be recognized as a leader in innovative research programs. Innovation in research will enhance the training of residents and fellows, attract top-tier faculty, increase cross-disciplinary collaborations at both the basic and clinical research levels, and transform medical practice.



The Department of Anesthesia recognizes research as the foundation of our academic program. The overarching goal of departmental research programs is to improve the quality of patient care in perioperative and pain medicine. Such goals will be achieved by successful competition for research funding and by cross-disciplinary research programs that include faculty, fellows, residents, and students.