ESKENAZI Obstetrical Anesthesia

Eskenazi hospital is a community hospital that provides diverse, high-volume obstetrical anesthesia training.  Averaging more than 2000 deliveries per year, Eskenazi provides significant neuraxial exposure while promoting anesthesia efficiency.  This includes obstetrical anesthesia for uncomplicated pregnancies, as well as more high-risk gestations.  In fact, it is not uncommon for patients to present in labor with little to no prenatal care.

Eskenazi has two dedicated operating rooms located on the obstetrical floor.  Cases include but are not limited to cesarean sections, postpartum tubal ligations, cervical cerclages, and management of missed abortions.  Residents rotating on obstetrical anesthesia are responsible for all the operative cases listed above, as well as all epidurals for labor analgesia. 

Eskenazi has a dedicated, daytime obstetrical anesthesia staff that provides direct instruction.  In addition, prior to beginning the actual obstetrical rotation, each resident completes a two-week “OB days” rotation.  During this time, he or she gains familiarity during daytime hours by working with the dedicated anesthesia staff and an experienced upper level anesthesia resident covering the obstetrical anesthesia service at Eskenazi. 

All in all, residents complete three months of obstetrical anesthesia during residency.  Each month is divided into two weeks at Eskenazi Hospital and two weeks at Methodist Hospital.  This culminates in a very comprehensive obstetrical anesthesia experience.
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