Eskenazi Surgical Critical Care Rotation

This challenging and rewarding rotation for CA-1 and CA-2 level residents builds upon ICU experience gained during the Clinical Base Year.  Care will focus primarily on patients experiencing blunt force and penetrating injuries, severe burns, and critically-ill postsurgical patients.  Residents will be the “hands and feet” of the SICU service, handling the minute-to-minute overall management of the service.  Residents will work collaboratively with surgical teams, nursing staff, pharmacists, dieticians, and other consultants to provide optimal care and to facilitate ICU throughput. 

Team Structure

A total of 2 anesthesia residents and 2 surgical interns will be assigned to this 4-week rotation.  The rotation utilizes a “night-float” system, in which 2 residents cover the daytime shift, 1 resident covers the night shift, and 1 resident is off; each resident covers a total of 14 days, 7 nights, and has 7 days off.  Staffing and education is provided by a critical care boarded attending (5 surgeons, 2 anesthesiologists) and trauma/critical care fellow.

Educational Content

After completing the rotation, residents will have gained experience with management of:

-Multi-system trauma (orthopedic, neurosurgical, intrathoracic, intraabdominal)


-Electrolyte and acid-base disorders

-Basic and advanced modes of ventilation


-Sedation and analgesia

-End-of-life issues

-ICU procedures (intubation, arterial line, CVL, bronchoscopy, chest tubes, ultrasound)

-Pre- and Post-operative physiology

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