Goals and Rotations

The ACGME has initiated six “competencies” that represent areas in which a resident is expected to become proficient. These are:

  • Patient Care
  • Medical Knowledge
  • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Systems-Based Practice 


While accreditation by the ACGME is not currently available for the Advanced Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia, all program requirements set forth by the ACGME apply. Advanced fellows are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these six areas, and they will be evaluated regularly on this basis. Fellows will gain appropriate knowledge of the pediatric cardiovascular system and develop a systematic comprehension of the various forms of congenital heart disease. Clinical training, didactic instruction, and opportunities for research or quality improvement projects will be provided. Fellows will become expert consultants in anesthetic care for patients with a wide variety of congenital cardiac defects, as well as for ECMO and VAD devices. Skills for the preoperative evaluation of patients presenting for cardiac surgery, including experience with echocardiography, will be developed. Mastery of the essentials of patient monitoring and of appropriate pre-bypass, bypass, and post-bypass anesthetic management will be emphasized.

Rotations will include:


  • 9.5 months clinical exposure in OR/Cardiac catheterization laboratory
  • 1 month cardiovascular intensive care unit
  • 1 month echocardiography
  • 0.5 month perfusion



Pediatric Cardiac Advanced Fellowship