Admission Requirements

All requirements must be completed prior to matriculation. Coursework and/or standardized testing can be outstanding at the time of your application. Survey courses will not fulfill the course requirements. AP credit will be accepted for pre-requisite coursework.

  • Bachelor’s Degree – Baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States or Canada.
  • GPA – A GPA of 3.0 or greater is highly preferred. Pre-requisites must be completed within 10 years of matriculation.
  • Test Scores - Applicants must have taken the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) or the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) within 3 years of the matriculation. There is no absolute minimum, but the following results are considered competitive
    • MCAT: minimum total score of 499 (49th percentile)
    • GRE: minimum score of 152 (55th  percentile) in Verbal Reasoning and a minimum score of 154 (55th percentile) in Quantitative Reasoning

Pre-requisite Requirements: Should be completed with a B- or better.  Survey courses will not be accepted. For questions regarding appropriate alternative coursework, contact the MSA program (

  • Biochemistry – 1 semester
  • Biology with Lab – 2 semesters. 
    • The following courses may be substituted for this requirement: Microbiology, Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Human Anatomy – 1 semester
  • Human Physiology – 1 semester 
    • A one-semester combined Anatomy and Physiology course will be accepted
  • Chemistry with Lab – 2 Semesters 
  • Organic Chemistry with Lab – 2 Semesters 
  • Physics with Lab – 2 Semesters 
  • Calculus – 1 semester  
  • Statistics – 1 semester
    • Introductory and 100 level courses will not fulfill this requirement
  • Writing/College English – 1 semester 

Credit Conversion Policy: The Indiana University School of Medicine AA Program uses a semester system; however, the university does accept quarter credit hours. Quarter credit hours are worth 2/3 of 1 semester-hour. (One semester is approximately 4-5 quarter-hours, and two semesters is 9 quarter-hours.) Quarter credit hours may be rounded to the nearest whole number at the discretion of the admissions committee with consideration given to the course work and grade earned.

Letters of Evaluation: Three submissions from individuals who are familiar with your suitability for graduate study leading into a career in anesthesia clinical practice. At least two of the letters must be from individuals who can attest to your academic abilities.

Clinical Anesthesia Shadowing Experience - At least 8 hours of anesthesia shadowing is required. The activity must demonstrate sufficient anesthesia focus by involving a Physician Anesthesiologist (MD or DO), Anesthesiology Resident, Certified Anesthesiologist Assistant (CAA) or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) who practices in the Anesthesia Care Team Model. The shadowing experience must be documented on the Anesthesia Shadowing Verification Form or on any similar form that appropriately confirms the shadowing experience.

Transfer Admission, Advanced Placement, Transfer Credit and Experiential Learning: The Master of Science in Anesthesia program presents a rigorous and fast-paced curriculum. Therefore, advanced placement, transfer credit, or experiential learning will not be accepted for program coursework. Additionally, transfer students will not be accepted. Students must take every course offered within the IUSM MSA curriculum.

Note to applicants: A prior felony conviction might restrict an individual’s ability to obtain professional licensure or employment. Acceptance into the Indiana University School of Medicine AA program or its completion does not imply or guarantee that a student will be able to obtain such licensure or employment

Anesthesiologist Assistant